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Don't Look Away VR

A psychological horror experience that pits you against a mysterious entity bent on breaking down your mind, body, and soul before it feeds. With over a quarter million downloads, Don't Look Away is out for the Gear VR and Oculus Go.


The local four player cooperative game that was among the winners of Microsoft's New York Global Game Jam Site in 2016. Witchualistic was even highlighted by Xbox’s Major Nelson (Larry Hyrb) coverage of GGJ 2016

Kanye Nest

One of the honorable mentions of Cultivated Wit's Comedy Hack Day, Kanye Nest is a Neopet web app themed around Kayne West.
Check out Kanye Nest here

What is Museum Multiverse?

The Webby Nominated Museum Multiverse is a virtual reality puzzle platformer. This 3rd person experience chronicles the adventures of a child that has mysteriously awoken in an abandoned museum. He must traverse the various worlds that exist within the art pieces within the depths of the cursed museum in order to find a way to escape. The museum has been abandoned and sealed off, a microcosm of society's diminished view of minority artists, and history's selective amnesia toward contributions of people of color.
The player will visit locales based on the works of underrepresented minority artists from around the world. This experience hopes to rectify the injustice of the under-representation these artists receive in mainstream popular culture and give voice to the previously unheard, and to those we have collectively forgotten, by bringing their worlds to life in a new context.

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Developed for the New Oculus Quest & Oculus Go Controllers

Use the Full Potential of Mobile VR

Every twist, every turn, every jump, every grab in Museum Multiverse is made from the ground up for a mobile VR controller set. Our team believes using this new piece of hardware will make mobile VR more fun. The game is made around the controller and our team has worked on innovative uses of the Vive Focus to the Go VR controller to make this project a richer and more immersive experience for all.

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Definity - HTML Template

Project Vision

Museum Multiverse brings exciting gameplay to VR

Museum Multiverse will rectify the problem of passive VR by introducing inventive gameplay, mixing 3D platforming with VR mechanics utilizing the new Oculus Quest & Oculus Go controller. Throughout the game the player will travel into works of art created by underrepresented minority artists in order to address the problem of underrepresentation in VR and gaming in general. Museum Multiverse will use mechanics-as-metaphor, utilizing the artists’ works within the gameplay. These mechanics-as-metaphor will serve to tell the story of a child finding their way through a forgotten relic in time as they learn and grow within the world.

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Meet The Team

A Diverse Team of Creative Professionals

Hessvacio is the creative lead behind projects like Kanye Nest, Don't Look Away and Holiday Wars. Starting his career at Microsoft's Civic Tech he brings the idea of using tech for good or to carry a message within all of his projects

Hessvacio HassanCreator & Lead Developer

Mikei is a talented 3D UX Designer and VR Developer that has brought his diveresed knowledge to companies like Viacom, Panasonic and Electronic Arts. He now bring all of this knowledge into VR titles creating beautiful visuals within interactive experiences

Mikei HuangVR Visuals Effects
Manny Marquez

Manny is the creative producer of the award winning justChop Animation studio. He has been involved with avatar animation systems, 3d modeling, & VFX for the Web, AR, & VR at companies like Spitball Entertainment, hi5 Networks, Cinematico & EA.

Manny MarquezCreative Director
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