Hi I'm Hessvacio

I am a Fullstack Developer who makes Amazing Apps.


How will the user feel about what I’m building? This something that always goes through my head during my development process. With my experience in Rails, Unity3D, JavaScript, and React, I strive to make the best Apps in the web. I build products with a sense of discovery, a clear message to get across and products that are just overall fun to interact with. My empathy for the user comes from introducing technology to my Amish family as a kid.
I studied at The State University of New York at Oswego, where I focused on communications and social interaction. I have integrated my coding knowledge with my communications degree to become an innovative developer with a tenacious appetite for learning, who experiments with new technologies, always strives to understand and implement solutions for a variety of problems.

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I am familiar with a multitude languages and frameworks. Here are a few technologies and frameworks I often use.



Unity 3D

Ruby on Rails



  1. IAC Applications

    A software company dedicated making products and applications that makes life better across a variety of platforms for consumers and business users.

  2. Microsoft Civic Technology

    Section of Microsoft dedicated to improving the public good through technology.

  3. Flatiron School

    A coding school offering NYC bootcamps that empower you to become a web developer, iOS developer, and more. Free coding classes available.

  4. Pixel Academy

    New York's hub for making, coding, designing, inventing, and more. Hands-on learning for kids ages 7 and up using cutting-edge technology.

  5. Games for Change

    Catalyzing Social Impact Through Digital Games.


My Timeline in Tech

Games for Change &
Pixel Academy

Volunteer Technology

Flatiron School

Web Development Immersive Student

Civic Technology

Web Developer Fellow

IAC Applications

Software Engineer

Don't Look Away VR

Creator and Lead Developer


VR Assistant Instructor

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